#HOWBEDCANITGET? a project about now


Are you in bed more at the moment?  Bed has always been a comfort, but in the last year and more so the last few cold months, bed has come to mean more. Remember the monumental power of Tracey Emin’s bed in 1998 and its adjacent monumental narrative? We are all endlessly at home and it is winter and for some the crucible of our industry, our headquarters, our studio, our office. 


Michel de Montaigne, the 16th century essayist, is credited with saying that we are born in a bed, we move into a room, a house, a town, the wider world, then we ebb slowly back to the town, the house, the room, the bed, towards our end. Like breath, it is an almost unconscious companion, accompanying us from birth to death.


The projects asks participants to photograph their bed.  Not professional pictures, but reportage and intimate photographs, of how it really looks. ‘How Bed Can It Get?’ intends to elevate the anxieties, joy and unexpected moments of comfort of this unprecedented time of sequestration to monumental status, for a digital archive and possible physical exhibition





Take a photo of exactly as you bed is now, with all the detritus of life, be they laptops, chargers, glasses, mugs, wine bottles, sweet wrappers..
Write a list of the items in around, an on your bed, together with your name and a single photo of not more than 5mb 

1. Take a photograph of how you re using your bed now. Laptops, cargoes, glasses cup, all the detritus that describes now you are using your bed now.